Age Comparisons - K'veer

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In this article I am going to compare K'veer between the versions in Myst Online: Uru Live Again (MOULa) and Myst V: End Of Ages.

  • NOTE: Myst V: End Of Ages on the left, MOULa on the right

When you start your game in Myst V, you start in the upper room in K'veer surrounded by metal doors, all of which are closed.  With you in the room are a number of Bahro, which soon disappear upon your arrival, leaving you alone.  You notice the room is shaking as the lamps are swinging and there are periodic earthquakes.  What is missing from the centre of the room, which is in MOULa, is the pedestal with the linking book to Myst Library on it.  You'll also notice the walls are brighter in Myst V and rock above the doors is darker and more pronounced in MOULa.  The floor pattern is also different.  This room appears in other games as well, namely Myst and Riven, with Atrus sitting at the desk.

Immediately on your left is a table with a book on it. You can see it is a book to Myst, but it is bound and locked, you cannot open it.  This book is obviously missing in MOULa.  Instead, there is the pedestal with a linking book to Myst Library.  The rug on the desk is slightly brighter in MOULa than in Myst V and there is a paving pattern in Myst V that is not there in MOULa.
Eventually you find a door that opens and walk through it coming to the top of some steps.
The door leading from the round room has open doors in Myst V, but those doors are missing in MOULa.

As you proceed down the steps, you notice a small device emitting a blue light and a notebook.  Since these items are not needed in MOULa, they are not there.

Now we come to one of the biggest differences in K'veer: The Keep.  In Myst V, The Keep held the ghosts of the tablets until you made them solid.  The Keep was in many places at the same time, and the bubble shell would show images of those places.  In MOULa, The Keep is not there because the task for which it was there was already completed in Myst V.

And the last major difference is the Nexus link. In MOULa, this allows you to link to other places.  This was not available in Myst V as Cyan had yet to create the rest of MOULa and the Nexus was not present at that time.  Notice that the floor on either side of the Nexus link is a different colour in MOULa than in Myst V.
Coming soon: The Great Shaft!


"The door leading from the round room has open doors in Myst V, but those doors are missing in MOULa."

I think there is some mistake in this sentence... How the door can have open doors? or have I just misunderstood?